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A year of changes

2020 has been about adapting. Adapting to a world of changes: rarely socializing, wearing masks, standing in long lines outside of grocery stores. With all the changes in the world this year, Peachick emerged as a response. I wanted to make a store that sent our loved ones something special for one of the biggest milestone moments—welcoming a new life into a family. Having been to virtual birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings all year, I began to feel for everyone who has had to adapt in ways they never imagined. We all wanted to share in these moments, and did the best we could to be there. But I wanted to give something extra, a unique gifting experience that makes mom feel incredibly special and loved. With the world in chaos, we are all trying to do our best and adjust to our new ways of life.


Being pregnant during the world of Covid is incredibly daunting. No longer having your partner at ultrasound appointments, seeing the doctor over video, the constant fear of getting sick. Even having a newborn in the NICU has changed, with parents often split up and other strict visiting guidelines that keep babies isolated. But we’re getting through it all together, one day at a time. During a year where we all reflect on our relationships with family and friends, I have realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love and perseverance. With nothing guaranteed, especially these days, I reflect more on gratitude than ever before.


Launching Peachick has been a learning experience, and often I’ve felt out of my element and pessimistic about myself and what I can do. But I’m trying not to live handcuffed to fear, and instead of hesitating with each decision, I’ve decided to jump in with both feet. I hope that Peachick can provide joy and love in a box, in a time when we all can use a little extra of both.


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