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Nursing Covers 101

I don’t know if anyone else had this experience, but my first car seat/nursing covers were these really sweet, pretty, patterned fabrics that were just adorable. But when I actually started nursing in public, the peach colored fabric felt incredibly see-through. I felt like I needed to cover myself with something on top of the fabric, especially in areas like airplanes.


And then there was the issue of the car seat cover. The bright patterns made the inside of the car seat even brighter, and I worried that it wasn’t helping the baby fall asleep when we were out shopping or strolling. I realized I wanted something really dark – not just for my own privacy but to better help the baby doze off.


But once I started the search for something simple and black, I couldn’t find one anywhere. Isn’t that always the case? Once you really need something, all of a sudden it’s a shopping desert – even when it comes to something very simple. That’s why I added the gorgeous Papillon Bebe black car seat and nursing cover to the Peachick Delivery Box. It’s so chic and soft, and unlike many other nursing covers, it doesn’t scream, “FEEDING A BABY UNDER HERE!” The best part? When you aren’t nursing, it looks like a simple black scarf. This versatile piece became one of the most important things to pack in my baby bag. Never leave home without it! 

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